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Ontario International Holdings Limited Da Lue International Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is incorporated in the British Cayman Islands The investment holding company, the Company invested enterprises including Shanghai Restaurant Management Co., day lilies, water lilies day Shanghai Food Co., Ltd. and Xi'an water lilies days Management Co., Ltd. is engaged in a one-stop career reinvestment wedding and wedding photography services, including weddings, wedding planning, witnesses ceremony, wedding rental, As well as wedding photography, wedding-related services industry consolidator. Brands including "Victoria Wedding Club", "coloration LISA wedding photography", "Taiwan North Suoluo wedding photography "," Jennifer "and" princess. " Where "Victoria Wedding Club" lead the industry launched the "Doula" innovative service mark Registration, including business, planning, dresses, bride secretary, DJ, VJ, 16-man team together services to meet every wedding fully customizable and creative wedding Services; "coloring LISA Wedding Photography" and "Taipei Suoluo wedding photography", "Jennifer" and "princess" With photography House, Victoria Village Park and other exclusive photography base, you can create a unique style of photography scenes and pictures, coupled with elastic binding style of photography popular Korean style, Color wind and other elements, which is widely favored by Chinese married couples.
in the management team to uphold the people-centered, sustainable development, the guests as friends and partners when the business philosophy of the family, and all my colleagues in the efforts, the Company has On December 27 in OTC listed Emerging trading. The company's future will continue all regions in mainland China exhibition shop location suitable wedding hall, Ballroom and services by increasing the range so that the performance continued to grow, in addition to a one-stop wedding wedding marketing and wedding resources combined with each other to maximize efficiency Yi, the future will gradually branched out beyond the wedding banquet and photography market, provide a more comprehensive service.

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